JTJB International Lawyer is delighted and proud to announce that we have recently teamed up with BizWings, our new business partner. BizWings provides a one stop service on administrative work which covers a range of topics without limiting themselves to a single field. Our collaboration will surely bring better services for our clients with the combination of our joint expertise.

BizWings work is carried out by an experienced Japanese certified public accountant and Thai experts, working with Japanese affiliated enterprises.  It covers accounting, tax, legal and business advisory services and aspires to enable their clients to concentrate on core business rather than be occupied by back office tasks. BizWings acts as a “Wingman” for their clients to achieve their individual goals.

BizWings was first established in October 2015 and have since worked with over ten Japanese companies operating in Thailand and continue to expand their client base. BizWings take a customer orientated approach and always deliver a high quality standard due to their specialized knowledge in Thai Business.