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Bunnasomboon (“Aaron”) is a new appointed Director of JTJB International Lawyers who extensively practices in both corporate and litigation areas. Aaron has a wealth of experience representing international and domestic clients in substantial wide-ranging foreign investment, merger & acquisition, real estate transaction, business restructuring, tax and financial matter including shareholder dispute.


In addition, Aaron has rich of experiences to infrastructure project and energy project. He has advised Solar and Biofuel company and he also advises to the investor on transactional of a public–private partnership project called “PPP”.

Aaron graduated with second class honours from Thammasat University which is one of Thailand’s most famous universities and the second oldest university in Thailand, voluminous of Thailand’s former prime ministers also graduated from Thammasat University. He further successfully pursued two master degrees in Professional of Accounting and Business Administration respectively from Australia. Furthermore he also has the Barrister-at-Law degree from Thai Bar Association.

Prior to joining JTJB International Lawyers, Aaron practiced with several international law firms incorporate in Thailand and Australia, which significantly enhanced his professional expertise and business network. He has been engaged as a legal and business consultant in various business projects such as solar & waste to energy power plant, hotel and properties acquisition.

Aaron’s professional experience involved in a numerous of land mark court cases and legal disputes arose between foreign-owned businesses in respect of civil, labor and business reorganization including arbitration.